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SEAL - The South East Alliance of Landlords, Agents & Residents. To make an appointment or enquiry please call​ 07722 600639

Approved Agents

List of approved agents and contact information

Approved Partners

List of approved partners and contact information

Approved Members

List of approved members and contact information

Approved Agents

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Contact: Paddy Keeble
E-mail: p.keeble@appointmoor.co.uk
Tel: 01702 719966
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Contact: Josh
E-mail: josh@jhmerchants.co.uk
Tel: Not Available
Ayers & Cruiks
Contact: Jo Elliott
E-mail: mail@ayerscruiks.co.uk
Tel: 01702 343060
Essex Property Centre
Contact: Essex Property Centre
E-mail: info@essexpropertycentre.co.uk
Tel: 01702 602888
Essex Letting Angel
Contact: Joanne Dron
E-mail: joanne@essexpropertyangel.co.uk
Tel: 01702 780026
Griffin Residential
Contact: Griffin Residential
E-mail: admin@griffin-uk.com
Tel: 01702 334743
Pace Property Professionals
Contact: Crystal Horwood
E-mail: crystal@pace-properties.com
Tel: 01702 445600
Peak Property
Contact: Darren Clements
E-mail: info@peak-prop.co.uk
Tel: 01702 808593
Norton Properties
Contact: Norton Properties
E-mail: westcliff@nortonproperties.co.uk
Tel: 01702 394004
Hopson Property Services
Contact: Richard
E-mail: info@hopsonproperty.co.uk
Tel: 01702 390990
Reed Residential
Contact: Reed Residential
E-mail: adam@reedresidential.co.uk
Tel: 01702 606888
Life Space
Contact: Life Space
E-mail: info@lifespace.rentals
Tel: 01702 300700
Turner Sales Lettings
Contact: Nick Munro
E-mail: nick@turnerestates.co.uk
Tel: 01702 710555 -
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