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Working together for a better Southend-on-Sea

SEAL need you to join.
If we as landlords and agents fail to regulate and police ourselves, then the Council will pursue the licensing of all the let properties throughout the Borough of Southend on Sea, and a substantial fee will be charged. The proposed amount in the Consultation Documents was £600 per property.

By joining you will not only be indicating to your tenants that you operate at the highest standards, but you will be part of a unique partnership with the Council. This will provide you with a great deal of additional benefits.

Any complaints relating to properties you own or manage will come through to us at SEAL, we will then contact you, not the council, we will initially ascertain what is the problem, has it been resolved, or what course of action you intend to take. You will also have the combined resources of SEAL to work with if you unable to find a solution . Providing we can demonstrate to the council that the problem has been dealt with satisfactorily they will not get involved. Leaving them to concentrate their efforts on the non SEAL members.

Tenants declaration
We have worked closely with the council to develop a Tenant’s Declaration as an addendum to your standard tenancy agreement. This will make clear to tenants what is deemed to be anti-social behaviour and make it clear to them the consequences of that behaviour.

Street Scene and Refuse Management
We have developed guidance for Street Scene and Refuse Management. This element of us all working together is very important to residents of the borough, particularly to the neighbours of rented property. The recommendations involve more careful property management and should help avoid complaints.

Section 21 Notice Procedures
The idea behind this is that even though the Section 21 Notice has been served, the tenant will get immediate advice from the Council Officers.

Should the tenant take the advice, it could result in less evictions clogging up the courts and dragging out the limbo period for both landlord and tenant. This period of up to a year is damaging to the both the tenant and landlord.

Property Condition Visit Report
This format of inspection is recommended by Council officers to catch the issues they will be looking for should they be brought in to carry out an inspection.

If you wish to find out more you can contact us at or click on the Code of Contact button on the right.

Future plans include:
Regular forums
As part of its on-going programme SEAL intends to provide a regular forum where members can be made aware of new developments in the residential lettings industry and exchange information and experiences with others in order to improve understanding and cooperation between landlords, agents, tenants and residents.

Mutual reference facility
In order to assist its members when considering granting a new tenancy, SEAL intends to create a local Mutual Reference Facility operating within the requirements of current data protection legislation.

Mediation facility
To assist landlords and tenants to deal with minor disputes without recourse to the courts or Tenancy Deposit adjudicators, SEAL proposes the introduction of a mediation service.

High standards
SEAL recognises that high professional standards need to be maintained and will require relevant members to adhere to a Code of Conduct when letting and managing residential properties in Southend-on-Sea.

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