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Diverse membership

Through its diverse membership of landlords, agents and residents, SEAL, The South East Alliance of Landlords, represents thousands of residential rented properties in the Southend-on-Sea area.


SEAL has been formed to provide a facility in which Landlords, Agents and Residents can work together with relevant local authorities to address issues relating to rented accommodation throughout the Borough.

Mutual cooperation

SEAL will strive to improve mutual cooperation with relevant local authorities, maintain high standards and address problems with residential rented accommodation throughout the Borough of Southend-on-Sea.

Working together

SEAL will work together with local authorities and relevant organisations to identify, and where legally possible, combat anti-social behaviour in the Borough. Members will receive a SEAL Members Pack containing guidance information and standard forms, to support members in attaining the standards listed in the Code of Conduct


Creating Codes of Conduct and objectives for agents and landlords

Before granting a Tenancy, obtain for each prospective tenant:

  1. Written references from employers, landlords and managing agents, or other relevant documentation.
  2. Photographic identification and National Insurance Numbers.

On granting a Tenancy:

  1. Provide a written tenancy agreement.
  2. Ensure every tenant agrees with and signs the ‘Tenant Declaration’ as provided within your SEAL Member Pack
  3. Provide access to a SEAL welcome and information pack on community services, rubbish collection, recycling and good management of their accommodation.

During a Tenancy ensure current legislation is strictly adhered to in respect

  1. Gas Safety Records.
  2. Furnishings and Fire Safety.
  3. Electrical Installations, Appliances and Portable appliance testing.
  4. Smoke alarms & Fire detection
  5. Maintaining Property Conditions to the minimum standards required by the HHSRS (Housing Health & Safety Rating System) under the Housing Act 2004 
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